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Honda C100 still has issues :-(

I’m running out of ideas about what else to do with this.

I have a issue with the bike that has got be really stumped. It starts and runs beautifully but at high RPM, high load (95Kg of me and a hill) it misfires like it has an ignition fault, on/off/on and eventually stops. It gets worse the hotter the engine gets. After a few minutes it will reluctantly starts and goes on a bit longer until it does it again. It does it after just maybe 30 seconds of starting it and going up the hill from my house. Very repeatable.
I thought it was probably points and condenser, so I replaced them. No difference. I thought it may be some dirt in the brand new carb I fitted, so I cleaned that. No difference. I then got fed up with points and condenser (always disliked them) and splashed out $250 on a CDI conversion, magneto and everything. No difference. I then thought it might be the coil, so I fitted a new one. No difference. I thought the ignition switch might be faulty, so I bypassed it, no difference. I have stripped the engine completely (as part of the restoration to paint it) and the valves have been lapped, checked with engineers blue and clearances set correctly. I’m now wondering about the “selenium rectifier” and whether that would give me those symptoms? The bike has a brand new battery and the fuse did blow at one point, not sure why though?
I don’t think it’s a fuel related issue, I get good flow from the tank and it feels too sudden for fuel, like the spark is breaking down under the high pressure combustion of high load, high RPM.
I’m hoping to buy another wreck of a bike so I can swap some parts over for a better diagnosis.
Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.

The CBX is street legal!

I had the day off work today so I took the CBX in to get re-registered.

It failed on non- certified indicators (No DOT, CE or AU/NZ standards on the Chinese LED’s), No rear foot pegs, and a binding front brake.

I rushed home and managed to find a couple of the stock indicators and then went to my Wellington Lawnmower dealers who also does scooters. He had a scooter that he was wrecking that had a couple, so I snaffled them. Came home fitted the indicators and rear foot-pegs (I already had them) and then stripped the front brake caliper. Cleaned up the pistons and re-assembled. The brake is crap now, but it doesn’t bind. Rushed back to the testing station and Voilà! Rego!

I fitted the clip-ons and bar end mirrors and re-fitted the LED indicators when I got home and took it for a spin to Jacks house. It is most excellent, very noisy and has much presence. Everyone looks at it!

Mission-accomplished for today.

Next I need to take to the rear mudguard with a jigsaw ?


Honda Cub ignition system woes

So, my Honda C100 has an ongoing issue with a misfire and eventual breakdown when it warms up. I’ve replaced the entire magneto assembly with a CDI conversion to eliminate the points and condensor, but the problem still existed. I then decided that I would replace the ignition coil, HT lead and spark plug cap.

Yesterday, after fitting the new coil, HT lead, and spark plug cap I took it for a test ride and the problem still exists 🙁

Now I’m wondering if the ignition switch is faulty or the loom has an issue.

The next step is to “hotwire” the ignition switch and see if the problem is still there.

If that makes no difference I think it will be having a complete new wiring loom.


Almost ready for rego

Headlight on, seat mounted properly, new clocks fitted and wired in. Managed to fit a start button from the R/H switch gear in the L/H switch gear that works as a horn button (I didn’t think that would work, but it does). Bought a Xenon headlight lamp for it today too. Just gotta modify the rear mudguard (that means cut most of it off with a jigsaw), fit the new tail light, chain guard, and new exhausts that should be delivered tomorrow. I gave it a FBR up the street and it went quite well, it’s very light weight.
I may even be able to get it road legal on Friday! Awesome!

Electrics are now fixed!

OK people, RESULT! with the help of my beloved we got it all sorted today. I swapped out the loom for the spare I had, it appeared that someone had meddled with the loom that was on it. Also swapped out the LH handlebar switch assembly as the connections on that were messed with. With the new loom the engine cranked on the button, but no spark. Searched around with a multi meter for a while and found the ignition pick up was not connected properly, cleaned that up and voila, all good. We fitted the stock clocks and got them working, then removed them, figured out what wires went where and then wired in the new clocks. The new clocks have an LED turn signal, which stopped the issue with all the indicators flashing at once. All I need to do now is solder all the connections to the new clocks properly and heat shrink wrap them. I used as much of the cabling from the stock clocks so I retained the big multi plug so they are easy to remove in the future.