The CBX is street legal!

I had the day off work today so I took the CBX in to get re-registered.

It failed on non- certified indicators (No DOT, CE or AU/NZ standards on the Chinese LED’s), No rear foot pegs, and a binding front brake.

I rushed home and managed to find a couple of the stock indicators and then went to my Wellington Lawnmower dealers who also does scooters. He had a scooter that he was wrecking that had a couple, so I snaffled them. Came home fitted the indicators and rear foot-pegs (I already had them) and then stripped the front brake caliper. Cleaned up the pistons and re-assembled. The brake is crap now, but it doesn’t bind. Rushed back to the testing station and VoilĂ ! Rego!

I fitted the clip-ons and bar end mirrors and re-fitted the LED indicators when I got home and took it for a spin to Jacks house. It is most excellent, very noisy and has much presence. Everyone looks at it!

Mission-accomplished for today.

Next I need to take to the rear mudguard with a jigsaw ?