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CG110 engine rebuild

Got my spare CG110 engine reassembled today. It had been left outside in the rain without a spark plug for many years. It’s had a full rebuild, all bearings and a good used crank. I had the stock 110cc cylinder bored to take a 125cc piston so it should be a bit more peppy now ? I think the glass bead blasted bits look quite good. It’s going in my Gold CG with a fancy new exhaust.

Gold CG failed compliance

Bad news. The Golden CG failed compliance because it was an insurance write off at some point many years ago. To get it road legal will require a repair certificate and it turns out that getting one is very difficult and expensive.
To move forward I’m going to move everything except the engine to a CG110 frame I already have. Unfortunately I can’t use the CG125 engine in the CG110 frame because it is more than a 15% increase in power. So I have to rebuild the knackered CG110 engine. I’ve bought a good used crankshaft and NOS cylinder and piston. And new gearbox bearings throughout. Should be a minter ?