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CG110 engine ready for installation

CG110 engine rebuilt with NOS cylinder and piston, head decarbonised and valves lapped. New valve stem oil seal too.
A quick coat of paint and it’s all ready for installation in the freshly painted frame tomorrow πŸ˜€ Beverley reckons I’m the surgeon and she is the nurse, passing me tools and holding things.
I like playing Doctors and Nurses with Bev πŸ˜‚

Gold CG failed compliance

Bad news. The Golden CG failed compliance because it was an insurance write off at some point many years ago. To get it road legal will require a repair certificate and it turns out that getting one is very difficult and expensive.
To move forward I’m going to move everything except the engine to a CG110 frame I already have. Unfortunately I can’t use the CG125 engine in the CG110 frame because it is more than a 15% increase in power. So I have to rebuild the knackered CG110 engine. I’ve bought a good used crankshaft and NOS cylinder and piston. And new gearbox bearings throughout. Should be a minter πŸ˜€

Electrics sorted

Good progress today. We fitted the new front tire, sorted out the handlebar switch gear, indicators, connected all the electrics, removed the old seat cover, fitted a steering lock, tested the electrics with a battery, fitted rear brake light switch and horn. Coming together nicely πŸ˜€