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The “New” Honda Cub (NBC110) arrives

The insurance company wouldn’t insure Thomas’ Z300 when parked on the street overnight when he’s at his mums in the city, so we looked for a cheap and cheerful moped he could use when he stays in town. Initially we thought we wanted a moped, but a thorough search didn’t find anything that was reasonable value for money at our lowish budget. Then I spotted this NBC110 at a price that was roughly double or budget, but it seemed like much better value for money. And hey, it’s a Honda Cub, so we had to have it. Ex Postie bike with a high 57,000Km’s, but it’s obviously been well serviced and maintained and goes great. EFI means super low fuel consumption and 110cc means it will actually go up Wellington’s hill at a reasonable pace. The top box was an added bonus. Result!