Is the VStrom really fixed?

Took it for a test ride and there was a significant improvement in performance, a lot smoother at small throttle openings. I was feeling relieved that finally the bike was as Suzuki intended it to be. Then after a couple of KMs of slow riding at 50km/h the bike started behaving badly, intermittent power delivery at small throttle openings, so bad I thought it was going to stop. It felt similar to the fuelpump flow issues I experienced earlier. I pulled into a petrol station and even though the fuel gauge said I had 3/4 of a tank, I topped it off. It took 8.9 litres, so definitely wasn’t about to run out. After filling the tank everything went back to normal. All running perfectly. I am now wondering what all that was about? Does the fuel tank level have any effect on the amount of fuel pumped? I wouldn’t expect it too, but one of the fuel pump tests specified a large amount of fuel in the tank. I’m going to do another fuel pump flow test later.