DL650 VStrom Injectors are Installed

I installed the new fuel injectors today. Took me three attempts to finish the job properly. In fact the whole thing was a pain in the arse.
The front hose clamp that holds the air box to the throttle body is a bitch to get at and was SUPER tight. I ended up removing the air box without disconnecting it, then still couldn’t get the hose clamp undone, so I used my Dremel thingy to cut the hose clamp screw. What a pain.
I replaced the injectors, reassembled and discovered that I hadn’t put the rear cylinder injector in properly so fuel leaked everywhere.
Disassembled again and corrected that, reassembled and got C49 error code. I disassembled yet again and discovered I had forgotten to plug in one of the many sensors. So yet again I had to disassemble, plug the sensor in and reassemble yet again.
Finally it’s all done. The weather was rubbish so I didn’t get a chance to test ride, but it did start and run well.
Fingers crossed when the weather improves and I can test ride it and there is some improvement.