DL650 Fuel injectors

I’m now starting to wonder whether the V Strom is running right. Maybe it’s just my paranoia, but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of power at high RPM with WOT. Maybe I’m expecting too much from it and have been spoiled by the massive output from the CB1300. I’m thinking that if it isn’t a figment of my imagination then it’s likely that the injectors are partially blocked and the spray pattern is not right. Cleaning wasn’t very effective with the fuel pump, so I’m thinking new might be best. Diesel and Turbo want $60 per injector to clean and flow test, but I’m wondering if for a little more money I can just get new ones. Suzuki New Zealand are asking $286 per injector, ouch! I found a pair of new ones in the states on Ebay for US$120, but they wont ship to New Zealand. I found a couple of vendors on Aliexpress and one says that they have the right injectors in stock. Most of them are priced at US$20 with free shipping. I’m now waiting for them to list them so that I can place an order. I’ll post back when/if I manage to get, install them and test. The photo below is from an Aliexpress vendor and they say this is the right one. Looks the same to me (apart from the colour), but I do wonder about the nozzle sizes and spray pattern etc. I know nothing about injectors!