The V Strom Lives!

We finally got the V-Strom DL650 going and registered! Needed the fuel tank rust cleaning out with hydrochloric acid, new fuel pump, new low pressure inlet side fuel filter, new high pressure fuel filter and pressure regulator. The high pressure fuel filter is hidden in part of the fuel pump housing and not visible! Sneaky Suzuki engineers had me going for agesĀ  with that one. I’ll post a whole lot of photos of the process. Over 40 hours spent so far, but worth it to get an old but brand new bike for a reasonable price.Andrew_on_New_DL650_April_2016IMG_20160401_182508 IMG_20160402_184724IMG_20160402_141310IMG_20160402_203016IMG_20160403_180117IMG_20160403_165102IMG_20160403_173816IMG_20160403_174339

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