Kickstarter grinding noises fixed

After pulling the engine, splitting the crankcases and spending several hours trying to understand how the kick-starter mechanism works, I figured it out. There’s a plate the controls engagement of the kick starter ratchet and it was bent. Bent it back and all is fixed.

Lapped the valves while I was in there, exhaust valve was bad, came up great though. Runs really nice now with good slow steady idle.

I have introduced another issue now though, the neutral light is on all the time. The engine will have to come out again as the sender is buried in the middle of the gearbox.

Frame and fork painting complete

I had a sudden burst of end of holiday enthusiasm (more like guilt I hadn’t done much) to start restoration on the New Plymouth find CG110 last weekend. There was a lot of prep work, I stripped all the old paint off, pressure washed and then used a wire wheel on an angle grinder. After that I used phosphoric acid to convert any remaining rust, then pressure wash again, sand, wash again, dry and then then prime and paint with Rustoleum High Gloss Black. The frame came up OK, forks looks like brand new 🙂

New wheels, seat and exhaust are shipping from Christchurch today and I have Michelin City Pro tires here already. I’ll pick up new fork seals on Thursday and hopefully assemble a roller over the weekend. I still need a front mudguard and an OEM headlight.

I’ve ordered a new painted fuel tank. I chose yellow this time, something a bit different. I hope that’s what actually turns up, last time I ordered a yellow one I received a gold one (which was still ok though).