CG110 engine rebuild

Got my spare CG110 engine reassembled today. It had been left outside in the rain without a spark plug for many years. It’s had a full rebuild, all bearings and a good used crank. I had the stock 110cc cylinder bored to take a 125cc piston so it should be a bit more peppy now 😀 I think the glass bead blasted bits look quite good. It’s going in my Gold CG with a fancy new exhaust.

New Fuel Tank and shocks on

Got the indicators and new tank on. New bigger front sprocket and chain so the gearing is a little taller. Still not running quite right (watch video with sound if you can please)

I’m wondering if I forgot to set the valve timing properly when I threw the engine back together about a year ago, but I’m pretty sure I did 😂 I’ve got the dreaded wiring to do and have to fabricate a mount for the front mudguard.
I think it’s starting to look quite good for a pile of bits build 😀

Blasting cabinet works

I got the blast cabinet working. Only had bicarbonate of soda to put in it. Tried it on a carb. Works ok, needs tapping at the bottom all the time to shake the media up (Bev with a hammer 😂). Got all the lines plumbed in. The one I bought to the gas bottle was way too thin, don’t think I even got 100PSI in the bottle. I definitely need a much bigger compressor and a vibratory motor to shake the media up.