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Frame and fork painting complete

I had a sudden burst of end of holiday enthusiasm (more like guilt I hadn’t done much) to start restoration on the New Plymouth find CG110 last weekend. There was a lot of prep work, I stripped all the old paint off, pressure washed and then used a wire wheel on an angle grinder. After that I used phosphoric acid to convert any remaining rust, then pressure wash again, sand, wash again, dry and then then prime and paint with Rustoleum High Gloss Black. The frame came up OK, forks looks like brand new 🙂

New wheels, seat and exhaust are shipping from Christchurch today and I have Michelin City Pro tires here already. I’ll pick up new fork seals on Thursday and hopefully assemble a roller over the weekend. I still need a front mudguard and an OEM headlight.

I’ve ordered a new painted fuel tank. I chose yellow this time, something a bit different. I hope that’s what actually turns up, last time I ordered a yellow one I received a gold one (which was still ok though).

CG110 engine rebuild

Got my spare CG110 engine reassembled today. It had been left outside in the rain without a spark plug for many years. It’s had a full rebuild, all bearings and a good used crank. I had the stock 110cc cylinder bored to take a 125cc piston so it should be a bit more peppy now 😀 I think the glass bead blasted bits look quite good. It’s going in my Gold CG with a fancy new exhaust.

New Fuel Tank and shocks on

Got the indicators and new tank on. New bigger front sprocket and chain so the gearing is a little taller. Still not running quite right (watch video with sound if you can please)

I’m wondering if I forgot to set the valve timing properly when I threw the engine back together about a year ago, but I’m pretty sure I did 😂 I’ve got the dreaded wiring to do and have to fabricate a mount for the front mudguard.
I think it’s starting to look quite good for a pile of bits build 😀