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  1. Hi Andrew. I came upon your wonderful website some time ago (as well as a youtube video). For over a year now I have been inspired by looking and watching people put restore or create motorbikes. Despite having no experience, I have jumped in at the deep end – buying a 1982 GG125. Its road legal and in good condition, for its age. I have the idea to customise it into a cafe racer/ brat style bike as I have always been interested in this design. After reading through your online resources (as well as a huge amount of youtube videos/ taking to people etc) I looking to get started. I have some ideas on design and one thing I was wondering if you could provide some advice on is getting an extended swing arm. From what I have seen and read, people do this to allow a larger tyre to be placed on the bike (proving more clearance). In regards to this – is their any length you might suggest and how I might come about an extended swing arm? I have seen a 52 cm one on Aliexpress but are always wary of purchasing something like that online. With an extended swing arm, and fitting larger tyres, would I also need to sit new rear suspension? Any advice you could provide a novice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks – Rob

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