Oversize 320mm front brake disk has arrived

After I had ridden the new 2017 KTM Duke 390 I decided that I wanted a better front brake, like the new one has. The KTM power parts upgrade was around US$500 which I found excessively expensive. I found out that it’s not actually made my KTM, it’s made by Galfer. The cheapest I could find that brand for was US$250, still too expensive. I found one on Aliexpress for US$75 and it has arrived. The only problem I have now is sourcing the extended caliper mounting bolts and spacers so I can fit it. The bolts are an unusual size, M8x1.0 pitch 70mm long with 30mm of thread. The disk supplier said he was trying to get them for me, then I had no contact with him for a few days. I’ve tried to buy locally, but no-one has them. Today the disk supplier contacted me and said he has the bolts and spacers, so now I’m waiting for him to list them so I can actually buy them!