V Strom Bash Plate Fitted

The front header pipe, oil filter and crankcase always looked really vulnerable, so I have installed a lovely alloy bash plate. Was a BITCH to fit, because the captive nut that the exhaust mounts on (where the bash plate happens to also need mounting on) was lock-tighted in so hard that it spun. I had to crush the outer captive nut holder with vice grips to get it undone. Needless to say the bolt thread was damaged and I had to run a tap through the not so captive nut and then find a new slightly longer bolt because of the extra thickness the bash plate added. Turns out an XR650R chain adjuster was just perfect :-). What should have been a 20 minute job turned into 2 hours! Anyway, got it sorted in the end!

DL650 V Strom with Bash plate