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Cub engine is back in, but will have to come out again :-(

Well, I’ve had a busy weekend. I reassembled the Honda engine yesterday and put it back in the frame today. It was all going so well. While I was messing about with the installation I fitted a new rear tire and cleaned up the 50 years of grime from the chain covers and back wheel (thank you Thomas for persevering with that dirty back wheel job and the Dremel). Anyway, the kick starter worked for a bit, then decided that it wouldn’t engage any more, like something was stuck. I think I know what the issue is (my Thailand supplier had the shaft zinc plated and everything is now slightly oversize and “sticky”, I had to polish 0.1mm of zinc plate off the end of the shaft to get it to fit in the crankcase correctly) but I will have to strip the engine again 🙁. I did push start it and had a quick ride down the street and after the valve grind and cylinder hone it was more awesomely powerful than ever 😉 At least 5HP! Next weekend if Ange let’s me I will disassemble and fix the issue.img_20160925_155655 img_20160925_155700 img_20160925_155712 img_20160925_155720

Engine reassembly complete

I got the engine reassembled today, looking good!
Managed to slice my finger open with a chisel while scraping old gaskets off. Ooops.
Done the valve clearances and adjusted the clutch (I think?) so will put it back in the frame tomorrow.
Hopefully it will go. It seems to go through the gears properly.
The kick starter spindle from Thailand wasn’t machined correctly so I had to grind a bit out of the shoulder so it didn’t foul on one of the gears.
I’ve lost the kick starter somewhere in the garage. I remember putting it somewhere unusual so tomorrow I will have to have a proper look for it.

img_20160924_184347-resized img_20160924_184535-resized

C100 Engine Painting Complete

I have painted the left and right hand side engine cases with engine enamel, also the cylinder, cylinder head and rocker cover. I must say that I am very pleased with the result! They look as good as new. I’ve lapped the valves and honed the cylinder. All ready now for re-assembly as soon as the new kick starter spindle and gasket set arrives. I am also wondering whether to put a coat of clear on the cases, they look awesome as they are now, but may be more durable with a coat of clear, I guess I might as well while I’ve got them ready for paint.




cub-painted-lh-rhs-case cub-painted-lhs-case cub-painted-rhs-casecub-cylinder-primercub-cylinder-painted