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The CG125 is street legal

I had the day off work today. Got my CeeGee through compliance and then decided to further investigate swapping the Chinese CG250 internals into Honda CG125 cases. Got quite a long way in when I discovered the main bearings are different sizes. Gave up and put it back together. I’m so chuffed I bought a small Makita impact wrench. Made the process so much faster and easier, although I did have to get my air one out a couple of times on really tight things. I didn’t know but square number plates are now a thing 👍

Engine painted

The engine came up pretty well in the photos, not quite as nice in real life. I used a wire brush on electric drill along with a small brass wire brush, then degrease, pressure wash then 400 grit wet and dry. Pressure wash, dry with compressed air, heat gun and paint. Lockdown achievement accomplished 🙂

Beach life.

It begins…

After much searching with Blue Wing Honda (found import records) and NZTA (couldn’t find it), VTNZ finally found the frame number in the Land Transport computer system. Now I know it’s been previously registered in New Zealand and I will be able to register it again, it’s time to begin.