Monthly Archives: October 2016

Rolling Chassis Complete!

What a day! Had all sorts of issues with the new taper roller headset bearings. Had to go back to the stock ones in the end, but they are OK. To top it off I knocked the donor bike over onto Anges GSR750 and scratched frame and engine case. I’m very sorry Ange I will try and touch it up soon.
Something is up with swing-arm bushes, need to investigate next weekend. I’m gonna paint the engine and move it over next weekend as well. Starting to look alright now 🙂
I have new shocks on order, should be here next week. Still gotta work out what to do for a front mudguard and I need to shorten the stock rear guard. I have a new number plate holder and rear light on order too. Frame still need work to accept the new tank and seat as well. And then there’s the brakes and electrics….. not looking forward to the electrics.

img_20161030_165655-resized img_20161030_165726-resized