Monthly Archives: March 2016

Security Cameras

I’ve been messing about with indoor security cameras and found the VStarcam to be pretty good. Works in any browser (doesn’t have to be IE like some others) and has a great Android phone app. Easy to set up too. I tried to get it working with Zoneminder, but for some reason I couldn’t get the path right. It does have an SD card so can be used as a stand alone unit with motion recording. Video quality is excellent, and the two way audio is hilarious. I’ve put one into a retail environment and doing another next week. For the money, they are a bargain. You can score one here



Big Bertie Arrives

A bit of an impulse buy really. My Wellington Allpower dealer, Ellmers, offered us a 2004 Honda CB1300 for what appeared to be a very reasonable price. Ange had a test ride and we decided that it would be a great bike for touring on, so, BAM! we took it home.

Big Bertie, The Honda CB1300