Monthly Archives: November 2017

Switch Gear on

Update: All wired in and working. Thanks Ange 🙂

Managed to get the switch gear fitted tonight, not wired in yet, dreading that bit. Had to cut down the throttle tube a bit and drill a small hole in the handle bars to stop the switches rotating on the handle bars. Also shortened the battery strap rubber and put some weld on the steering stop so it works now and the tank won’t get dented.

Where’s my headlight eBay? It’s been ages 🙁

New fuel tank arrives

Got my new fuel tank today.
I think it’s starting to look very cool.
I’ve nearly got everything I need now to complete except the headlight and brackets which I am waiting to arrive from eBay. New handlebar switchgear has arrived, I’ll ask Ange to help me wire that in.
I’m going to buy a keyed alike set of ignition switch, fuel tank cap, steering lock and helmet holder.
Ordered a new wider front mudguard which should just fit, fingers crossed.
I’m not sure whether to keep the stock instruments. They are kind of cool and retro but are pretty beat up. I can’t find any new ones that have a neutral and turn indicator on that aren’t LED and because it’s a 6 volt system that would be a problem.
Still wondering about the 4 down shift pattern. I need to find out how hard it would be to change it to normal one down and three up. Maybe just a new selector drum but not sure. I’m going to ask one of the tech guys at work.



Today’s progress

I finished the back end, had to move the tail light mount, fitted the new kick starter that now doesn’t foul on the new exhaust, fitted the new front end, I ALWAYS have issue with head set bearings! But all good now. I have to make a new front mudguard as the one I bought doesn’t fit the fat tire. Waiting on head light, headlight mounts, switch gears and I need to order clocks and a mount. Dreading the electrics!